The Magnificent Meaulnes

by Charlotte Reads Classics

Le Grand Meaulnes, Alain-Fournier

… she weighs terribly on my heart.

This, much like Remains of the Day, I can appreciate in theory when other people are talking about how much they love this book. In reality, I was not at all moved. I picked it up because I really liked the premise of boy meets girl at a party and spends the rest of his life looking for her.

The book can be split into two separate tales – the first with the meeting and the search, the second with the resolution. I think because Alain-Fournier had his own Yvonne he wrote Meaulnes’ part with how he wanted his own life to end in mind. Personally I would have loved the story if it had ended about halfway through.

If you like typically french literature, you should read this. You should read it anyway as a part of the literary canon. And out of curiosity for a book that has been translated so so SO many different times.