Requiem for a Wren

by Charlotte Reads Classics

Requiem For A Wren, Nevil Shute

“This Second World War love story still has a freshness and sincerity more than half a century after it was written.” Gerald Seymour, Sunday Express.

Tragic story: Alan Duncan, returning home to his parents’ farm in Australia after losing both his feet in military action, is met with the suicide of the parlourmaid. The whole book covers this first night home, as Alan tries to piece together what has happened and how the events link with his deceased brother’s fiancée. I can’t really discuss the plot because it would completely ruin it for you, should you ever read it.

However, I shall say that this is well written, and very informative if like me you are even remotely interested in war stories and the consequences of war, the role of women in the world wars, love, loss and grief, memory. Ever since reading All Quiet On The Western Front I can’t get enough of learning about the adjustments people in military service had to make when they returned home. Its so interesting and heart breaking, and not as common knowledge as it should be.