Let the Great World Spin

by Charlotte Reads Classics

Let The Great World Spin, Colum McCann

1. Breathtaking

2. Epic, but in a small way

The lives of several new yorkers existing seemingly worlds apart are all united with one image: Phillipe Petite’s tightrope walk across the twin towers in 1974. The image, while not directly part of the story, serves as a metaphor for a lot of the book’s micro/macro focus on individual lives in a very grand scale. This book is a book for people who love books. The characters are varied, and I found myself falling for the ones I least expected to. Whats more, Colum McCann’s writing is utterly beautiful from start to finish. I loved the whole motto of the novel, which seemed to be that we all have sadness and hardships in our lives, but there is good stuff too: when times get hard, just keep breathing because the world will always keep spinning.