Under The Dome

by Charlotte Reads Classics

Under The Dome, Stephen King

I confess, I was yet again suckered in by clever marketing of book covers. Which you can enjoy here. My my, how have I gone so long without ever reading a Stephen King novel? Absolutely fantastic! So readable, despite being quite a beast of a book, it reads quickly and easily. There is a huge cast of characters though, so the book needs to be long so you can really get into who is who. In a nutshell (slight pun intended), Under The Dome is about a small town in America which all of a sudden becomes trapped under (can you guess?) a giant, impenetrable dome. Aliens? Government conspiracy? All I will say is that I started thinking one, and then really hoped it was the other. But really, Under The Dome is as much about the psychology of people in tense situations as it is about action.

Reading this, I was reminded of the film The Village. But this is loads better. I’d recommend it, even if you aren’t generally a reader of science fiction. Stephen King, I happily join your legions of devotees. What a ride!