War and Peace: Volume II, Part I

by Charlotte Reads Classics

Nothing more, nothing less, love is the best? This is turning out to be a little bit like a soap.

Nikoláy and Sonya: He loves her, he loves her not. No wait, he does love her, especially now she’s essentially said that she wants him to have his freedom and that she’ll wait forever.


Pierre and Hélene: She’s cheating on him, he finds out, challenges the lover to a duel, shoots him, assumes he’s dead… although he actually recovers.


Natásha and Denisov: He proposes, she says no. I’m not too sure about her character, she seems very childish for a sixteen year old. And pretty irritating.


Andréy and Lize: Hooray! Andréy turns out to be alive! Unfortunately, he returns home just in time for his wife to die in childbirth.