War and Peace: Volume II, Part IV

by Charlotte Reads Classics

At the Rostov’s over christmas:

  • Nikolay returns on leave due to family’s slow deterioration of funds
  • After a hunting party he sees the happiness of the lower classes who choose Russian values over western ones, are self sufficient and find simple pleasures, compared to the aristocracy who are all about money and extravagance.
  • Natasha is depressed waiting for Prince Andrey to come back from being abroad- they have no contact over the time they must wait before marrying.
  • The Countess tries to set up a marriage between Nikolay and Julie Kuragin (wealthy heiress) to ensure a financial future for the family.
  • Nikolay comes to realise his love for Sonya (again?!) and vows to be with her once he has finished in the army, despite the family’s lack of permission.
  • The Rostov’s move to moscow because of money… generally everyone is unhappy in this section.