Charlotte Reads Classics

Slowly, slowly, she sipped a sentence.

And there in the middle, high above Prechistensky Boulevard, amidst a scattering of stars on every side but catching the eye through its closeness to earth, its pure white light and the long uplift of its tail, shone the comet, the huge, brilliant comet of 1812, that popular harbringer of untold horrors and the end of the world … This radiant star, which must have traced its parabola through infinite space at speeds unimaginable and now suddenly seemed to have picked its spot in the black sky and impaled itself like an arrow piercing the earth, and stuck there, with its strong upthrusting tail and its brilliant display of whiteness amidst the infinity of scintillating stars. This heavenly body seemed perfectly attuned to Pierre’s newly melted heart, as it gathered reassurance and blossomed into new life.
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

Auster Quotables

You still miss him, don’t you?
Not anymore. Not after what you’ve told me today.
But you did.
I did. I didn’t want to, but I did.
The man is a maniac, you know.
True. But what law says you can’t love a maniac?

By writing about myself in the first person, I had smothered myself and made myself invisible, had made it impossible for me to find the thing I was looking for.
Paul Auster, Invisible