by Charlotte Reads Classics

Stardust, Neil Gaiman

There is nothing I love more than the rare pleasure of finding a new author. Yes, I read a lot of books that I think are brilliant, but collecting authors is much trickier. Neil Gaiman, welcome to my collection! He reminds me of Ray Bradbury in his eloquence and his distant-but-not-so-far-away worlds. Stardust is set shortly before the Victorian era, in a little country town called Wall. But in addition to the ‘real world’ there is another realm of spirits and storms and witches and magic… not the scatterbrained kind, but an earthy, old worldly way: think folklore and mystics rather than fairies. In the town of Wall, Tristran Thorn promises to bring back a fallen star for his true love, and strays into this other world to get it.

I couldn’t read this quick enough, and I can’t stop smiling when I think about it. Immediately after finishing, I bought another of his books- Neverwhere– which, very unusually for me, I started straight away. A total convert!