The Book of Lost Things

by Charlotte Reads Classics

The Book of Lost Things, John Connolly

Angela Carter meets Stephen King… plus a bit of Narnia? David, a twelve year old boy growing up during the second world war loses his mother. Her love of reading leads David into a land of fairy tales and nightmares where nothing is what it seems. A lot of familiar stories are retold with a dark twist – this is a strange mix of a childrens’ book but written for adults.

I’ve never read a John Connolly before, but this man knows his book lovers!  I lost interest slightly in the middle but was very touched by the ending. The symbol of the collection of ‘lost things’ was my favourite part of the book, because there was a lot to think about. David loses some of his childhood innocence through grief and the things he sees while trying to come to terms with it.

A good one for a bit of nostalgic escapism.