by Charlotte Reads Classics

Sweet Valley Confidential, Francine Pascal

I’m having a really tough week at work and did not want to read anything even remotely challenging. Task achieved! I read this in one sitting yesterday – I love it when that happens. I do feel that I should begin this review with the proclamation that I lived for Sweet Valley High when I was younger. I read them all and developed an alarming encyclopedic knowledge about the whole thing.

Why oh why Francine did you go with this most ridiculous plot? Jessica and Todd?! Whats wrong with you?! This book was properly terrible but it was at least in concept awesome. I really wanted to return to Sweet Valley, although until I found out about this book I had almost forgotten about them. All in all I was a bit torn and mainly wanted to stop reading about all the sex the twins were having. I think I should have actually just read an old Sweet Valley High instead. By a ghostwriter.