Charlotte Reads Classics

Slowly, slowly, she sipped a sentence.

Bleak House Quotes

It was interesting, when I dressed before daylight, to peep out of the window, where my candles were reflected in the black panes like two beacons, and, finding all beyond still enshrouded in the indistinctness of last night, to watch how it turned out when the day came on. As the prospect gradually revealed itself, and disclosed the scene over which the wind had wandered in the dark, like my memory over my life, I had a pleasure in discovering the unknown objects that had been around me in my sleep. At first they were faintly discernible in the mist, and above them the later stars still glimmered. That pale interval over, the picture began to enlarge and fill up so fast, that, at every new peep, I could have found enough to look at for an hour. Imperceptibly, my candles became the only incongruous part of the morning, the dark places in my room all melted away.
Charles Dickens, Bleak House

The Tiny Wife

The Tiny Wife, Andrew Kaufman

The idea behind this is just as quirky as Kaufman’s All my Friends are Superheroes. But that book is good whereas this one isn’t. It is about a robber who only steals items of sentimental value, which means crazy things start happening to people. It seemed exactly like Andrew Kaufman tried to boil down All my Friends are Superheroes into some kind of formula, and then recreate the exact same thing. The Tiny Wife doesn’t smack of effort or originality like his first novel.

So, don’t read this, but read his other one instead.