Another Month Has Flown By

I’m surprised and pleased to report that I am still boldly conquering my war books and am currently showing no signs of abandoning this project. How satisfying to stick to a list for a change! I’ve finished The Stranger’s Child by Alan Hollinghurst (post to follow shortly) and am on the last fifty pages of Goodbye To All That, which is a book I’m eager to share with you all.

So June looks like more books from my current reading list,  probably in this order:

  • Goodbye To All That, Robert Graves
  • My Dear I Wanted To Tell You, Louisa Young
  • Regeneration, Pat Barker
  • The War of the Worlds, H. G. Wells

This will take me to the end of my WWI books and I’m hoping to move straight onto WWII, but we’ll see. I have a very faint craving for something light-hearted, but it hasn’t quite taken hold just yet. I’m also feeling the urge to read some of the long books I started a while ago, I’m looking at you Clarissa and The Forsyte Saga.

Enjoy your June books, whatever you feel like reading!