Nabokov’s Daydreams

by Charlotte Reads Classics

The Enchanter is a book that I really like in theory, although not quite so much in practice. In theory it is a reader’s declaration of love for her favourite writer. Lila Azam Zanganeh writes about the man she imagines Nabokov to be: Daydreaming about his marriage, hobbies, and inspirations. She gets to the heart of his writing – the language, and his philosophy – the pursuit of happiness. What let this book down was that it was a little too jumbled, an experiment of different styles is OK but this didn’t quite work. On the other hand, it was great because it is all about a reader’s admiration for their favourite author. About how you can appreciate books  outside your generation, country or even language, because they are beautiful.

What the book did convince me of was that I should read more Nabokov. I loved Lolita when I read it a few years ago, so I think I’ll start by re-reading that. From Zanganeh’s witterings about his other books the one I think I’d pick next is Ada or Ardor. And look how nice the Penguin cover is…

If you were to write a book, a love letter of sorts, to a writer, who would you pick?