The Last Book List of 2012

I’ve been living in my new house for a couple of months now and I have finally got all my bookshelves back up and organised – including my bookcase of classics.

A small selection…

Obviously this means I have been rediscovering my books and I am craving a doorstop of a read. Chunky books, long reads; I love them. These are the ones from my bookshelves that I am itching to start:

  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
  • Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
  • Clarissa by Samuel Richardson (well, I did start this one… I just stopped)

Alas with seven weeks of the year left I won’t be able to read them all this year, plus I’m not mentioning that I started and laid aside both Martin Chuzzlewit and Shirley. I will get around to finishing both (I don’t give up on books!) but neither of them are right for what kind of book I’m in the mood for.

I am currently reading The Quincunx by Charles Pallister – also a long read at 1191 pages! I’m just over half way through so I think I’ll finish this week. Has anyone else read this? I am really enjoying it. It is a Victorian mystery but written by a modern author. I’ll do a proper write up when I’ve finished but so far, so good, and its great for storytelling in the style of Dickens and Wilkie Collins.

The next book I want to conquer is Clarissa. I’ve already read 500-ish pages of it so it only seems right to read this before I start another massive book. I’ve got 957 pages to go, and six weeks to read them in. That amounts to 159 (and a half) per week – easy. We’ll see anyway. I originally wanted to read Les Miserables by the time the film was released in January (I think) but that might be a bit too short notice. But that will be the next long read after Clarissa because I keep reading other people’s posts about it at the moment. Original credit must go to o, because I immediately bought a copy after reading this.

In conclusion – let’s celebrate winter 2012 by staying inside and reading really long classics.