The Lady of Letters: How to Read Clarissa in Six Weeks

Yes, I am committed to my previous post and I will finish Clarissa this year. I am so committed I made a list (of course) to make sure I don’t spend the last few days of 2012 panicking that I can’t read it all in time.

Week One 19th – 25th November: Letter 161 – 218, page 702
Week Two 26th – 2nd December: Letter 219 – 253, page 867
Week Three 3rd – 9th December: Letter 254 – 319, page 1020
Week Four 10th – 16th December: Letter 320 – 381, page 1167
Week Five 17th – 23rd December: Letter 382 – 465, page 1339
Week Six 24th – 31st December: Letter 466 – end.

I have been reminding myself that the language will be tricky again but I’m certainly up for the challenge!

Ready, steady, read…