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Nabakov Design


Oh, Penguin Books, you’ve done it again. No one releases beautiful covers like these! Also: Pentagram, you’ve done it again. Something different, beautiful, and works wonderfully with the author.

The prolific design firm has released several new book covers for the author Vladimir Nabokov. All seven covers features an illustration that plays around the typical neutral-box-in-the-center, mingling and overlapping the label. Each cover also has a small intrepretation of a game featured in the book, like chess or crosswords. Yes, Pentagram, it works really well with the “playful and satirical” points of Nabokov’s writing, just as you stated.

Hodder Flipbacks

The Other Hand, Chris Cleave introducing Flip Back Books

Is this the book to take on the kindle? I got this at a work thing last week, Hodder are publishing twelve titles in June in this style. The whole thing is about a third of the size of an average paperback and is printed on the really fine paper you get in bibles. So; really light, pocket size, stays open while you read it, showing one page at a time. I read it, I enjoyed the format.

The Other Hand is a much more complicated story than I originally thought! Little Bee is a nigerian refugee, who is released slightly dubiously from an asylum detention centre in England. From there she travels to find an English couple she met in Nigeria before she fled. But it is more complicated than that. Mix in oil companies, crooked armies, affairs, suicide, sisters, journalism, finger loss, death threats and a little kid dressed like batman.

Better Than the Real Thing

These Harry Potter covers are to die for. Designed by M. S. Corley.

Need it.

New penguin designs for F. Scott Fitzgerald. LOVELY.