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Portrait of the Artist

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl, Wendy Jones

I picked this up from a gallery on saturday after I went to see a Grayson Perry exhibition. I did hear him speak last year at a publishing day I went to  for work, but it was the first time I’d seen any if his pots in real life. There was a real quintessential british element to them – eccentric, a bit sleazy and a mash of culture.

This book is a very sound covering of the artist’s childhood and life leading up to his emergence as an up and coming ceramic artist. The book is written exactly as you would think Perry would speak it – at times hilarious, at times a bit tragic, and a lot of the time involving his demi god teddy bear Alan Measles. There is a lot to Grayson Perry, so much of it being incredibly interesting, that this is well worth a read.

An Evening with Grayson