Whose House? Great House!

Great House, Nicole Krauss

Well, I had a good run of reading nothing but well written and thoroughly entertaining books. Nicole Krauss has very kindly ruined it. Before anything else, it has to be said that she is an excellent writer. Words aren’t used without careful consideration and it shows. She can write the descriptive beautifully. Well done. On the other hand, the characters are so shallow and self indulgent the whole narration is pretty off putting. But really, I’m just picking at the details because… I don’t get it. I don’t get Great House. I don’t understand why the message at the end is never alluded to during the other 200 odd pages. I don’t understand how all the characters fit together and I don’t really understand the point of the desk. The end was so unsatisfying, it all felt incredibly anti-climactic.

But for thirty pages, I thought I was onto a winner. What went wrong?