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Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman

“Mind the Gap” … Much bleaker than Stardust, this futuristic / apocalyptic / yet still somehow set in the past other world is inhabited by all the lost people who have fallen through gaps and ended up underneath London. Not in the real world, but not dead either, Neverwhere follows a band of misfits on a mission. I’d be just as excited about this book as I was about Stardust if I’d liked any of the characters, but the mythology and various creatures that turned up were just as intriguing.

Neil Gaiman has a very distinctive style which manages to make you feel nostalgic and like an intrepid explorer of the unknown, all at the same time.

Reasons Gaiman is Awesome Volume II

“There was still an hour until dawn, but the sky was beginning to lighten, turning a stark, leaden colour. Strands of mist hung like livid ghosts on the air.”

“And then it erupted over the side of the platform. It was diaphonous, dream-like, a ghost thing, the colour of black smoke, and it welled up like silk under water.”