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Another Month Has Flown By

I’m surprised and pleased to report that I am still boldly conquering my war books and am currently showing no signs of abandoning this project. How satisfying to stick to a list for a change! I’ve finished The Stranger’s Child by Alan Hollinghurst (post to follow shortly) and am on the last fifty pages of Goodbye To All That, which is a book I’m eager to share with you all.

So June looks like more books from my current reading list,  probably in this order:

  • Goodbye To All That, Robert Graves
  • My Dear I Wanted To Tell You, Louisa Young
  • Regeneration, Pat Barker
  • The War of the Worlds, H. G. Wells

This will take me to the end of my WWI books and I’m hoping to move straight onto WWII, but we’ll see. I have a very faint craving for something light-hearted, but it hasn’t quite taken hold just yet. I’m also feeling the urge to read some of the long books I started a while ago, I’m looking at you Clarissa and The Forsyte Saga.

Enjoy your June books, whatever you feel like reading!

Now the Sun is Finally Shining, How About Some Books About War?

After my Tudor reading, I fancy a mini reading project based around War literature. There are obviously lots of brilliant books about a lot of wars around the world so I’ve narrowed my selection down to books written about WWI and WWII, as I find this period of history interesting.

I’ve picked eight books that are all on my Classics Club list. Two birds, one stone and all that, and this way I can also stick to my attempt to stop buying new books and read the ones I already have.

  • Faulks, Sebastian, Birdsong
  • Gibbons, Stella, Westwood
  • Graves, Robert, Goodbye To All That
  • Grossman, Vasily, Life and Fate
  • Hemingway, Ernest, A Farewell to Arms
  • Nemirovsky, Irene, Suite Française
  • Vonnegut, Kurt, Cat’s Cradle
  • Wells, H. G., The War of the Worlds

And will add to this list some novels written recently:

  • Beauman, Ned, Boxer Beetle 
  • Hollinghurst, Alan, The Stranger’s Child
  • Kerr, Philip, Berlin Noir
  • Littell, Jonathan, The Kindly Ones
  • Young, Louisa, My Dear I Wanted to Tell You

So, thirteen books, six about the WWI and seven about WWII. I could read them chronologically, I could read the modern novels separately, I might read the two science fiction novels together. I’m not sure I’ll manage to read all of these in a row – I have an unspecified timeframe, but as you know I chop and change what my reading plans are whenever I feel like it. But if this works, I have similar lists for projects that I could start. I’m looking at you, gigantic stack of Edwardian novels…

The books have been moved to their new home – in an oppressive stack next to my bed. I’m feeling quite enthusiastic – it’ll be brilliant to have read all of these books. I am also quite curious to see if any of them will replace my current (I’m not sure ‘favourite’ is the right word) most admired war novel: All Quiet on the Western Front. If any of them even come close, I’ll be onto a winner because that book is truly astounding. Actually, make that fourteen books because I’ll have to re-read this one too.

Edit: I’ve just managed to get hold of a copy of Regeneration by Pat Barker so now there are fifteen books!