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The Pendragon Legend

The Pendragon Legend, Antal Szerb

There can’t be many translated hungarian novels set in Wales, can there? This was Antal Szerb’s first book, published in 1934. It is an utterly brilliant satire of so many genres, chiefly gothic horror, murder mystery and conspiracy theories. On the surface this is so lighthearted, poking fun at various european stereotypes as well as some very familiar myths and legends. But with the hindsight of Szerb’s death in a concentration camp in 1945, theres a lot of darker humanism in the book too.


As I sat there in the gathering dusk, an insignificant mortal in the shadow of the vast ranks of books, the centuries passed before me in procession, in reverse order. Where are the Stuarts, and where is Cromwell now? But books live on, as does man’s eternal thirst for them.
Antal Szerb, The Pendragon Legend